M.L.Crose Foundations provides an estimate at no cost to the builder. The estimate is not a quote nor is it guaranteed. Please review the estimate carefully as it outlines the scope and details of work to be performed and is illustrative of how we price and bill our work. You will be charged for only the work performed. The slope of the site, depth of excavation, discovery of rock, poor soil conditions, etc. may affect the scope of work that we are required to undertake and add to the cost of the project.
The key to a successful foundation experience is a complete and accurate set of drawings for your project. The builder shall provide drawings of work to be performed, including all necessary dimensions and the size and location of all openings, pockets, sleeves, ledges, etc.  M.L.Crose Foundations cannot be responsible for errors or omissions on the drawings.
M.L.Crose Foundations will do the entire layout for the foundation after excavation; however  M.L.Crose Foundations cannot be responsible for the exact location of the building. If an exact location is required due to setbacks or other considerations, the builder shall provide sufficient reference points within the excavation to locate the building. On lots with little or no tolerance the builder shall also provide points in the footings to verify location before the walls are set.
Wall Finish
M.L.Crose Foundations provides formed concrete walls which are left unfinished after removing the forms. Patching by M.L.Crose Foundations may be required where concrete does not consolidate properly inside the forms. Air pockets are not uncommon and will not be repaired unless they exceed 1" in diameter by 1" deep. The patch material will not match exactly the adjacent concrete color. Ask us about exposed aggregate finish!
A 2' over dig is required on each side of the wall in order for work to be completed. All prices assume level excavations to soil with adequate bearing capacity, stepped if necessary to meet grade. If M.L.Crose Foundations provides the excavation, your only concern will be bearing capacity of the soil. If there is less than 2000 lbs psf, we can arrange a soil report to complete the job with the proper reinforcement.
Concrete mix: 3000 P.S.I.
Reinforcing: 2 #4 rebar continuous
Size: 8" thick and 16" wide 
Method: The top 4" of the footing is formed with 2"x4"'s and the bottom 4" is hand dug. Dirt from the hand excavation is placed beside the footing. 
Frost Footings
36" thick and 12" wide 
Concrete Mix: 3000 P.S.I.
Reinforcing: #4 rebar at 2' on center each way
Anchor Bolts 
8" anchor bolts will be placed 48" O.C. and 12" from every corner. 
Concrete Mix: 4000 P.S.I.
Reinforcing: rebar
Size: 4" Concrete with 4" gravel
Finish: Power Trowel, Broom Finish or Stamped
The slab shall not have pits, depressions, or areas of unevenness exceeding 3/8-inch in 32 inches, except where the floor or portion of the floor has been designed for specific drainage purposes.
Concrete shrinks slightly as it cures (dries out) and contracts and expands with temperature changes.  Due to the density of the walls and the fact that they are bound by the footing and at corners, cracks are not uncommon.  Minor cracks in concrete floor slabs are normal.  Cracks exceeding 3/16-inch in width or 3/16-inch in vertical displacement shall be repaired if the slab is in conditioned space or the crack interferes with the installation of finish flooring.